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Looking for the solution to opening AppleWorks drawings: you will use EazyDraw Retro, current version is 8.0.3. No need for a special purchase.

EazyDraw version 9 does not support the older classic drawing file formats of AppleWorks, ClarisDraw, MacDrawPro, MacDrawII, and MacDraw. EazyDraw Retro, version 8.0.3 supports the import of the above drawing formats, runs on macOS High Sierra and older.

App Store versions of EazyDraw do not support AppleWorks drawings. You must use EazyDraw Retro (it is based on older pre-app-store technology) from this web site.

Video Tutorials

The EazyDraw Additions Pack has over 40 video tutorials. This is the best way to learn vector drawing techniques, gain a deeper understanding of macOS user interface conventions, and master EazyDraw. The Additions Pack sells for $15 from the EazyDraw online store.