Because, Content Doesn’t Create Itself

P3 Colors? YES
Wide gamut colors make content pop off the screen.

Even your Grandma can spot generic clip art in her birthday card. How do you think template graphics will look when the CEO reviews your presentation on their new Retina iMac? Put all that graphics capability in your Mac to work: create original graphics that express your ideas in crisp Retina clarity.
network diagrams Network Diagrams
The EazyDraw Additions Pack has a pre-drawn network diagraming symbol library. These graphics are drawn "Fill Only" (same techniques used by font designers), this allows you to easily scale the symbols to a full (or tiny) size as needed without distortion and loss of clarity.
Architectural Plans Architectural Plans
Draw to scale, common English and metric scales such as 1/4" and 3m=6cm are provided from a convenient popup menu. Organize by layers, EazyDraw provides full layer support. On-Screen Tape Measure: details on screen live metrics are provided in several convenient formats with and without extended cursors.
Scientific Illustrations Scientific Illustrations
The Math Function palette provides over 30 tools to draw precise curves that exactly follow a defined y = f(x) functional relationship. Unicode Math Symbols and Greek letters, EazyDraw fully incorporates macOS text, font, encoding, and keyboard technologies. EPS Export, EazyDraw provides a full professional grade EPS vector format. Limited LaTeX support is provided with the EPS export. This means that your EazyDraw illustrations may be incorporated, with vector quality, into your electronic publication work flow.
Draw Web Graphics Web Graphics
Create stylish websites by combining EazyDraw with your favorite web authoring tools. Use EazyDraw to design and publish the web ready graphic files. The complete EazyDraw website and online store was designed and produced with EazyDraw and BBedit.
Technical Drawings Technical Drawing
Dimension objects with a full set of intuitive dimensioning tools. Everything from a simple "Auto-Line" to a full attached linear dimension. Work in inches, cm, feet-yards or whatever is the natural measure for your drawing. All the accuracy you will need, 64 bit internal math provides up to 12 decimal digits of precision.